ENTERTAINING VIOLENCE is a question, it could be understood in different ways, I myself don't know what it is, it could mean many things, is violence entertaining? Is the entertainment so present, so unavoidable that it becomes violent? Does this business of entertainment make us violently entertained? ENTERTAINING VIOLENCE is a departure, like a forest I have to cross, and what I see in this forest? Violence, but not only on the surface, hidden violence, soft violence, mute violence, blind violence, but mostly I see entertainment. We live in the distracted era. Distraction is the main characteristic of the XXI century. Boredom and waiting and calm and silence are almost non possible in our time. And I say this from my point of view, from my unique point of reference, which is only mine, which is what I tried to defend when in 2015 I founded along with Céli Lee ENTERTAINING VIOLENCE; because it became necessary, at least for us, to point out what is missing in the distracted era, in the age of everything-for-comfort, in the consumer society, in the epoch of we-all-are-products, and what's missing is the unique point of view. One only has to look around, or on-line, at art galleries, at the avant-garde, at the establishment too, there's a tendency to make a dogma out of the highlights of the XX century. And yes, Marcel Duchamp, Andy Warhol, Albert Camus, Bob Dylan, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Indiana Jones and many other characters of the past century did great things. With their work or their ideas, they helped us to move forward. But we are prisoners of their work, their ideas which have been rephrased, reinterpreted, misunderstood, misquoted, converted into categories, dogmas, manipulation. We live surrounded by books, by articles that begin with "why" and "how", like we weren't able to make up our own mind, or find out by ourselves. Perhaps, due to the advent of the internet and social media, the era of the hashtags, of being recognised, of being reduced to tags, to categories. Today, it seems impossible to exist without being affiliated to this or the other previous name, to this or the other old idea or this or the other current media propaganda. But do we write or compose music or make art in order to be recognised? Are the artists and the writers and the musicians losing their own identities in order to fit into categories? And where is this art that is unique? I wonder. Perhaps many wonder, it would exist somewhere. I'd like to believe so. With ENTERTAINING VIOLENCE we wanted to release work that doesn't fit, or couldn't easily fit into categories. Release work that is adventurous and it searches, if not for new ideas, surely for new points of view, for new points of departure.

Last Space Remaining

"My way" sang once Sinatra, and the later Sid Vicious in his own way, and much before Hegel, "have the courage to make mistakes", in other words "trial and error".

Last Space Remaining is a laboratory or a device that through different chapters and iterations aims to conjure new points of view, to make see, or at least it acts as a transit to or an approximation to it. Last Space Remaining works are remote gestures that define departures, to point out to other directions, paths and possibilities. Last Space Remaining works are done quietly, "I went out unseen", said San Juan de la Cruz.

Sergio Calderón, London, 30 June 2022